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Tournemire Voyage 6


THE SEVEN LAST WORDS (1993) inspired by Tournemire's 'Sept Chorals-Poèmes pour les Sept Paroles du Christ' (1935)

each image measures 170 x 65 cms - oil and acrylic on canvas.                     Click on images for enlarged view

    1. Father forgive           2. Today shalt             3. Mother, behold       4. My God, my God                5. I thirst                  6. Father, into thy            7. It is finished             them for they                 thou be with                thy son...behold              why hast thou                                                        hands I commend                                                know not what              me in paradise.               thy mother.                   forsaken me?                                                                 my spirit.                                                                they do.

These pictures now reside in a side chapel of the Church of

St. John the Evangelist, Duncan Terrace, Islington  N1  8BL

Between 1993 and 1996, London organist, Mark Brafield and I took THE SEVEN LAST WORDS on an extensive 'exhibition-recital' tour to over twenty churches and cathedrals in England and across Europe, culminating in a presentation of the music and pictures at

Beauvais Cathedral (below) the extraordinary building that inspired Tournemire to compose his


This profound and magnificent music had never been performed there before.

The paintings on show  in Chichester Cathedral 1995

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