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 Tapestries                             The Battle of Lewes Tapestry 

commissioned by Sussex Archaeological Society

I was commissioned to design the Battle of Lewes and William Marshal Tapestries in 2011 and  2016 respectively. In both cases the designs took about 3 months to complete. The Battle of Lewes (1264) design was transferred to the cloth by digitising the drawings, projecting and tracing them onto it with erasable pens. Soon afterwards the tracings began to fade by themselves so I started making weekly visits to redraw them. This also meant that changes could be made enroute, as 58 ladies and 2 gentlemen stitched for 30 months to transform the design into a glorious colour masterwork way beyond my expectations!  The stitchers 'were organised  in a perfectly co-ordinated rota - 2 at a time on each panel - always in the same allotted room in Lewes Museum. The tapestry was completed, framed and ready  for its unveiling on the 750th anniversary of the Battle on 14th May 2014.  

It now resides permanently in Lewes Barbican House Museum.

                                        Click on each of the 5 panels below for enlarged views   -  dimensions of actual tapestry   82 x 290 cms,                      

                     1                                               2                                                           3                                                       4                                             5            


























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