Stormlights 2

   Runner  40x29           


One who Waits'                          Pear Storm           40 x 27  

                        Cloud Harvest  60 x 80                                                                                  

                Leafscape                                                                 see below                                                                                  Battle                                                      

The following description of a storm in the Balkans provoked me to attempt a visual response. The tiny pastel above (12x16cms) was a    preliminary sketch for the full colour version below (acrylic, glitter paint and pastel - 67 x 97cms)                Both are for sale

   "The dim light of this vaulted world of interlocking haloes grew dimmer still. Far too dim, in fact, for that hour of the afternoon. The sky outlined in the archway at the end of our last church had turned a peculiar colour. We saw, as we emerged, that it was covered by an electric blue-green lid from horizon to horizon. Shadows were dulled and the air was heavy and windless, but along the canyon below - and it looked almost level with our high vantage point in the amphitheatre of hills - a threatening and solid line of clouds was trooping towards us on its own private breeze like a procession of boxing gloves, swelling as they approached, to the size of bagpipes, wineskins, cattle, a herd of elephants, a school of whales until the sky was filled overhead as though by the huge, sagging roof of a dark and many-poled marquee on the point of collapse."   From: The Broken Road by Patrick Leigh Fermor

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