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                   Passing Staple Tor

      Chinkwell Rocks - Turning Turtle

                    The Haytor Family

Stone Henge with Passing Albatross


                     Stonehenge with Dolphins

                    And did those feet...?

              Stonehenge Whirlpool

Blue Whale off Hound Tor

Last Supper a.JPG

The Last Supper (after Da Vinci)

                      Arty Fishy ality 1                                           


                                                                                Arty Fishy ality 2

 Arty Fishy ality 3

        Haytor Submerging (detail)

                Bell  Tor with Rising Tide

     Bell Tor with beached sperm whale

      Bell Tor Storm with Dying Shark

     Bell Tor - the last Tree at High Tide

                   Haytor Storm

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